The Collection Book is a book that lets you see your EXP, Achievements, Stats, Cooking recipes, Leaderboards, Milestones, and fish. The log book will keep track of stats for all Game Worlds, and various activities in the Plaza.

The Collection Book is currently not in Tower Unite. It, along with the General, Achievements, Milestones, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges tabs are scheduled to release in update You can check most of the Collection Book's progress here.

Tabs Edit

General Edit

This tab will tell you a lot of general things, such as recent achievements, or basic stats for Game Worlds.

Achievements Edit

This tab contains the achievements for all parts of Tower Unite. An achievement will give the player a free item or unit reward when completed. An example of an achievement is to get a hole in one in Minigolf or completing all levels of a game of Ball Race without popping.

There are currently 349 achievements planned.

Milestones Edit

This tab contains each milestone for every part of the game. A milestone is earned for reaching a high enough amount of EXP for a part of Tower Unite.

An example of a milestone is Throwable Popcorn for Theater, and a flying dragon pet for Little Crusaders.

Stats Edit

This tab contains stats for each part of Tower Unite. An example of a stat is a number of zombies killed in Zombie Massacre, or a number of times you've become a knight in Little Crusaders.

Leaderboards Edit

This tab will contain the leaderboards for each part of Tower Unite.

Badges Edit

This tab will contain all of your badges. Badges are given to you for each level you reach of any part of Tower Unite. You can place badges next to your profile picture to show your level.

Cooking Recipes Edit

This tab will contain the cooking recipes you've earned.

Cooking currently isn't a feature in Tower Unite. View progress of it here.

Fish Edit

This tab will contain the fish you've caught, and a few fun facts about them.

Fishing currently isn't a feature in Tower Unite, and is coming in update View progress of fishing here.

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Achievements Sneak Peek

Achievements Sneak Peek

Getting an achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • Most (if not all) of the milestones and achievements from GMTower will return.