Condos are varied places to customize with furniture bought with Units. There are currently 8 condos you can purchase. Each has their own style and design, as well as varying prices.

You can buy condos at Horizon Condos, located on the second floor of Sweet Suite Furnishings.


Condos Edit

Released Condos Edit

Price: Free (Default Condo)

Condo is a two story modern home located on a beach. This large home features a living room, a kitchen, and a basement, as well as a backyard, spare room, master bedroom, and master closet upstairs. Outside, you can find a deck looking over the beach and ocean. You can also build on the roof if you like.

Price: 10,000 Units

Smooth Dirt is a huge plot of grass flatter than a pancake with a small concrete platform on the center of it. Although this may seem extremely boring, this condo allows you to make large scale projects such as castles or towns without the hassle of limited space or uneven ground!

Price: 30,000 Units

Experience the comfort of being in a small apartment home surrounded by others identical to yours! This small suite contains 2 main rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, an indoor balcony, and a small backyard, just like every other house you live by!

Price: 150,000 Units

House is the perfect condo for those who just want to live in a normal suburban neighborhood. Inside this 2-story house, you will find a kitchen, living room, 2 decks, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a boiler room, an office, a bathroom, multiple bedrooms, a garage, and a closet to put those who disappoint you inside. You are also allowed to enter your backyard and the streets.

Price: 400,000 Units

In Underwater, experience the both the comfort of being indoors and the horror of being trapped underwater at the same time! This condo includes one huge main house in the center and 4 smaller satellite homes on different corners of the plot. The main condo features about 20 rooms, a basement, and an indoor balcony, and the satellite condos have about 10 rooms, as well as their own indoor balcony. Above each condo are honeycomb-shaped plots floating on the ocean. Each condo is exited or entered by using airlocks or elevators.

Price: 175,000 Units

In Highrise, you get to sit down and watch TV while knowing that you're thousands of feet above the ground! This large penthouse has over fifteen spacious rooms, two stories, a pool, and a secret basement. No-clipping too far out of bounds is considered disobeying national laws.

Price: 20,000 Units

In Art Studio, you can make your own movies or scenes! This small studio contains an audio recording room, a stage room with a green screen, and an upstairs room overlooking both rooms.

Price: 40,000 Units

In Theater, live in a copy of the theater in the Plaza with fully customizable textures, lights, and concession menus! This theater has four theater rooms, compared to the Plaza's lousy two. This is the perfect place to watch cool videos with friends, or alone.

Price: 450,000 Units

Resort is the remaster of Lobby One from GMod Tower. It contains every part of the original lobby (including the classic Dev HQ), with HD textures and remodeled.

Upcoming Condos Edit

There aren't any upcoming condos at this time.

Community Condos Edit

The community condos are an upcoming feature that will improve how condos work.

It will allow other people edit and place items in your condo, with a toggle if you don't want that. You will also be able to make your condo a dedicated server so others can join it even while you aren't there. There will be condos suited for Community Condos (like Underwater and Resort) that will have a large amount of space for each player to build in. You will be able to use these condos for personal use and use any other condo with friends.

Keep track of this feature's progress here.

Collection Book Features Edit

These are all of the Condo's Collection Book features.

This is a list of all of the Condo's achievements.

  • Pianist: Play the Piano with 3 other players nearby.
  • TV Addiction: Watch TV for 10 hours in a condo in total.
  • Party Animal: Have 4 or more players in your condo for an hour total.
  • Drunken Sailor: Be drunk for 10 minutes straight in one go while in a condo.
  • Curious Cat: Open 50 mysterious catsacks.
  • Silver Cat: Open a silver catsack.
  • Gold Cat: Open a golden catsack.
  • Customizer: Edit the properties of a single item.
  • Picture Perfect: Place a canvas with a custom image.
  • Home Sweet Home: Spend 2 hours in your condo.
  • Home Away From Home: Visit another condo.
  • Home Visitor: Visit 20 other condos.
  • Builder: Place down 200 items in total.
  • Kiss the Cook: Cook two items into a delicious meal. (coming soon)
  • Moving On Up: Purchase some real estate.
  • The Edge: Go to the edge in Smooth Dirt.
  • Freeman: Find the maintenance vents in Resort.
  • Condo Explorer: Visit 50 other condos.
  • Going Down: Ride the elevator in Highrise.
  • Housewarming: Knock on the neighbor's door in House.
  • Under Pressure: Use the airlock in Underwater.
  • Tree: Discover the odd tree in Underwater.
  • Lights Out: Turn off all the lights in Art Studio.
  • Mysterious Hatch: Discover a strange hatch in Underwater.

The Condo's milestones are currently unknown.

The Theater's ranks will be listed here when update releases.

Condo's stats will be listed here when update releases.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Suite is a remastered version of the Suite found in Lobby One of GMod Tower.
  • Changing the time of day rapidly may cause a yacht to appear in the distance on the ocean in Condo, though sadly this is client side only, so your friends won't see it when you do!
  • Smooth Dirt is based on the old version of the Garry's Mod map, Flatgrass.
  • It takes 8 minutes to reach the edge of Smooth Dirt by flying in the jetpack with speed shoes equipped.
  • It takes 2 minutes to reach the edge of Smooth Dirt by sprinting in an inflatable boat with speed shoes equipped.
  • You can change the weather in condos by holding C and clicking on the Environment options button.
  • In Highrise Penthouse, when it's nighttime the buildings in the backgrounds' lights will turn on.
  • Underwater is the first community condo.
  • In Underwater, you can find a tree wearing scuba gear, referencing Spongebob Squarepants.
  • The Resort condo contains every secret the original from GMod Tower had, including the Dev HQ.