Inventory portable tools are equippable items that are used to customize your condo. These tools will do things ranging from copying items and their attributes to scaling items to huge sizes. These tools are given to you once you start up Tower Unite for the first time.

View progress of Inventory Portable Tools' second release here.

All Inventory Portable Tools Edit

Released Tools Edit

The Copycat tool copies items and their attributes, such as their color or size.

Controls: Right Click any item you wish to copy. Then press R to select the location you want the item to be. You can press C to access the Copycat's settings. Finally, Left Click to duplicate the item. However, you must have another one of the item you wish to copy in your inventory, or else you won't be able to copy it.

The Quick Scaler uniforms the scale of items in your condo. Every item can be changed from 0.1x to 10x their original size!

Controls: Left Click to upscale an object, and Right Click to downscale it. You can press C to change the Quick Scaler's settings and press R to reset items' scale.

The Stasher lets you stash items without the hassle of going into an extra menu!

Controls: Left Click on any item to stash them.

Work-In-Progress Tools Edit

No Inventory Portable Tools are currently being worked on.

Planned Tools Edit

The Physics Blaster applies force items with physics, like the basketball or football (soccer ball in U.S.) items.

Controls: The controls for this are currently unknown.

The Aligner aligns an object with another object.

Controls: The controls for this are currently unknown.

The Grouper groups up items together so that you can move them around. This will be useful for moving big projects like buildings.

Controls: The controls for this are currently unknown.