Laser Tag is a minigame at the Boardwalk.

You can view progress of Laser Tag here.

Gameplay Edit

In Laser Tag, everyone is separated into 2 to 4 teams by element (Aqua, Flame, Earth, and Plasma) and every team's goal is to tag players on enemy teams. If you run out of health, you will have to recharge your health at a charging station, and it will take one life away from you. There will be different gametypes that change how laser tag will be played.

Gametypes Edit

Team Elimination Edit

In Team Elimination, everyone is separated into 2 teams, Aqua and Flame. There are 3 rounds. Each team's goal is to eliminate everyone in the enemy team. Everyone has 3 lives, and when all 3 lives are lost, you are eliminated. If there are still players at the end of the round, the team with the least players eliminated win.