Little Crusaders is a Game World in Tower Unite. It is inspired by the Ultimate Chimera Hunt gamemode in Garry's Mod.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Little Crusaders, 2 to 7 knights must team up to defeat a powerful dragon, and the dragon must defeat them all. Each round of Little Crusaders is 2:30 long.

Knights[edit | edit source]

Every player except for one is chosen to be a Knight. Their goal is to get behind the dragon, and press the button on their back to deactivate them. Knights don't have any abilities besides running, jumping and crouching, so they will need to team up if they want to defeat the dragon.

Dragon[edit | edit source]

One player is selected to be the Dragon each round. The dragon's goal is to kill all of the knights by biting or falling on them. The dragon can defend themselves by roaring to scare knights away and whipping their tail to knock back knights that are close to their button.

Birb[edit | edit source]

Around half way into a round, Birb the bird will appear. If a knight picks him up (E), and throws him (left click) at the dragon, it will stun them for a few seconds and prevent them from doing anything other than biting or walking. If the dragon is hit by Birb twice, they will be deactivated. The dragon can eat Birb.

Maps[edit | edit source]

All of Little Crusaders' maps. Click on each map's screenshot to go to its page.

Currently Playable[edit | edit source]

Upcoming[edit | edit source]

All of Little Crusaders' upcoming maps.

These upcoming maps have very little information known about them, so they do not yet have their own pages.

After millions of years in the making, you can finally see the pigmasks today, at Jurrasic Pork! You can view progress of Jurassic Pork here.

The club will be a remake of Club Titiboo from GMTower. This map was confirmed in this post on the official TU forums, though it doesn't have a card on the roadmap yet.

Unit Payouts
[edit | edit source]

All Unit payouts for Little Crusaders, as shown in the scoreboard:


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You can pick up swords and shields and throw them in the Throne Room and Amphitheatre maps. Although they cannot harm the dragon in any way, they can be used as a distraction.
  • Birb the Bird is unofficially named Greg by one of Tower Unite's developers.
  • The Dragon's name is Cornelius.
  • A model of the Toy Room level, complete with the dragon chasing a scared knight, is in The Toy Stop.
  • In the update, Little Crusaders' movement mechanics were revamped to be based on the Source engine's movement; because of this, players could bhop.
    • This was removed a few updates later due to being easily exploitable (players could easily traverse maps in less than 10 seconds), though the same movement mechanics are currently used in Condos and the Plaza.
  • Little Crusaders is based off of a Garry's Mod gamemode named Ultimate Chimera Hunt, themed after Mother 3, featuring the Ultimate Chimera and the Pigmasks.
    • Ultimate Chimera Hunt was also a gamemode in GMod Tower, but as Nintendo owns the Mother/Earthbound series, the characters had to be replaced with the ones in Little Crusaders for Tower Unite.
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