Planet Panic! is an alpha Game World in Tower Unite.

In the future, Planet Panic will be completely redesigned. You can view progress here.

Planet Panic can be played by going on the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Planet Panic's logo, and clicking on a server and clicking on "Join".

Planet Panic!
Panic Planet Logo
The Planet Panic Logo.
No. of Players 2-8
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched March 2016
No. of Achievements Unknown

Gameplay Edit

Everyone is separated into two teams (cats and dogs). Each team tries to collect as many orbs as possible, for their own kind. This is done by taking the orbs and dropping them into their team's orb collector. Players can shoot at the enemy team to kill them, but the enemy will re-spawn. The maximum orbs that can spawn is 25.

All MapsEdit

Released Maps Edit

In Hillside, the cats and dogs try to compete for the most orbs collected by taking orbs from a platform in a river dividing their bases apart. However, there are bridges across the river, and the only thing protecting their bases is a small brick wall.

Upcoming Maps Edit

In Fort, the cats and dogs fight each other at their kingdoms' castles, which are conveniently across a small bridge from each other. Both teams must take as many orbs to their castles as possible from the bridge dividing their castles, while defending their castle from getting robbed. View progress of Fort here!

Controls Edit

Left Clicking will make your UFO shoot out a yellow ball that damages the enemy.

Right clicking will drop an orb that your UFO is holding.