The Casino is an area near the fountain in the lobby where you can gamble and play multiple games. These include slots, Spin-to-Win, Blackjack, Poker, and Double or Nothing.

All Casino GamesEdit

Slot Machines Edit

Triple Diamonds is the simplest slot machine. To get the jackpot, you have to roll 3 diamonds in a row.

Wheel of Money is the hardest slot machine to get a jackpot for. To get a jackpot, you have to roll a "Spin" slot. this will let you spin the wheel of money, which can get you anywhere from nothing, 200 credits, or the rarest, jackpot. It could take days of using this machine to ever get the jackpot.

Grand Quest is a fantasy themed slot machine. A screen on the slot machine shows a knight and dragon. The knight, you, start with 75 HP, and the dragon starts with 100. If you roll an "Action" slot, the knight will perform a random action. These actions include magic (-10 Dragon HP), defending (Nothing), action (-5 Dragon HP), tripping (-5 Knight HP),

Card Games Edit

Texas Hold 'Em works exactly like its real life equivalent.

In Video Poker, the player is handed 5 cards by pressing 'Hand' (Space). Hold any cards you think could give a payout buy pressing 1 to 5, and then press the deal button again. A jackpot is rewarded when a royal flush is made. You bet five credits in this game.

In Video Blackjack, the player bets 1 to 5 chips, and presses the Deal button to deal cards. The player and the computer both get two random virtual cards. The player may choose to Hit and draw as many cards times as they like until the total goes over 21, or Stand and end the game. If the player's number total is over 21, they automatically lose. If the computer goes over 21, the player wins. If neither player goes over 21, the player with the higher number wins.

Misc. Games Edit

Pay 500 units to Spin-to-Win. You can win a variety of different items.

You could win a piggy bank, a bubble gun, a single waffle, nothing, 5 cat sacks, a grand piano, a flamingo, 10,000 units, a digital projector, a shrine, a potato, a pile of gold, a random pet, a laser projector, a hula doll, or a cactus.

In Double or Nothing, the player bets 1 to 5 chips and press the red button (Space). The amount of chips you put in will either be doubled or taken away. At any time, the player can press the Cash Out button, which gives them the number of credits shown on-screen and sets the game's chip count to 0.

Planned/Rumored Edit

  • Virus Themed Slot Machine
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

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